There’s An Algorithm For When To Drink Coffee

Caffeine is how many of us start our day. There is a new app that will tell you when to drink coffee, Elizabeth Varnell writes on Vogue.

new study by U.S. Army researchers reveals the new app called 2B-Alert that can tell you the best time to drink coffee.

The 2B-Alert app uses sleep-wake history and caffeine consumption along with measurements of past performance as inputs to predict future alertness and cognitive performance levels

"Caffeine, if safely administrated, is an effective countermeasure to mitigate impairment of alertness caused by sleep loss," the study states.

The principal researcher is Department of Defense researcher Dr. Jaques Reifman.

He and his team are using algorithms and sleep pattern information to determine how much caffeine you should have for optimal alertness and when you should consume it.

The app prompts you to enter the hours you plan to sleep, how long you will be awake, as well as your planned caffeine consumption for the day. It then calculates a prescribed dosing strategy.

The app recommendations are efficient.

The research claims, "the algorithm identified strategies that resulted in equivalent performance to that in the experimental studies while reducing caffeine consumption by up to 65%."

A limitation of their optimization algorithm is that it does not guarantee the identification of global solutions.

According to Quartz, soldiers-in-training are currently testing the new information.


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