Nurses, Doctors Rank Among Most Trustworthy Professionals

The votes are in on who America trusts, according to a recent Gallup’s poll on honesty and ethical standards in different occupations, Forbes writes.

Nurses Are Trusted More Than Grade School Teachers

Once again, healthcare professionals dominate the top of the honesty league, according to the publication. Nurses top the chart for the 16th consecutive year, with 82% of respondents  saying they have high or very high honesty and ethical standards, Forbes writes.

Doctors come in at fourth place, with 65% of respondents having trust in their ethics, according to the publication. Pharmacists are close behind in fifth place — 62% of Americans believe they have high or very high standards, the poll found.   

Military officers and grade school teachers rank second and third, with 71% and 66% respectively, Forbes writes. At the bottom of the league are lobbyists, according to Forbes, with just 8% of Americans trusting in their honesty. Business executives and lawyers do little better, both with less than one in five respondents having faith in their ethics, according to Forbes.

Bankers come in at around 25%, alongside newspaper and TV reporters, a reflection of the recent belief in “fake news”, according to Forbes. The middleground is held by judges and clergy, with a little over 40% of respondents placing trust in their honesty, writes Forbes.  


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