Killer dentist, who ran husband over with a car, smiles as she is released from prison  

A beauty queen turned dentist who killed her cheating husband by running him over in 2002 was released from prison on Friday after spending 15 years behind bars.  

Clara Harris, now 60, was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in 2003 for the death of her husband David. She was a 45-year-old dentist at the time and had discovered her husband's affair with receptionist Gail Bridges.

After confronting the pair in a hotel in Friendswood, Texas, Harris ran her husband over three times in the parking lot while her 17-year-old teenage stepdaughter Lindsay was in the passenger seat.

She was convicted of murder and has been at the Crain Unit in Gainesville, Texas, ever since. 

On Friday, Harris emerged from the prison early in the morning with a guard by her side.

She was dressed in a purple button down shirt and khaki pants. The mother-of-two carried a pink bag with her possessions in one hand. 

As she approached the gate to be released, Clara smiled widely. 

She got into the back of a waiting car where, once inside, she hugged a relative who was sitting in the passenger seat as the driver sped away. 

Last year, she was finally granted parole after being turned down twice before.  She is expected to be released next month.

The terms of her parole are not known. 

Harris, who was born in Colombia and was once crowned Miss Colombia Houston, had two children with her husband. 

He had another daughter from a previous relationship. 

By the time she killed him, she had already hired a private investigator to follow her husband because she suspected the affair.

Bridges worked as a receptionist in the orthodontist practice where David worked. 

On the night of his murder, she and him had met at the Nassau Bay Hilton hotel. 

It was where he and Clara got married. 

After following them there, Clara confronted the pair in the lobby. 

Bridges testified that she attacked them, punching her and screaming before retreating to the parking lot where she got in her silver Mercedes. 

Bridges was walking back to her own car when she saw Clara suddenly charge at them.

She was hit in the leg but David's injuries were more serious and he died at the scene. 

According to Bridges' trial testimony, his final words to her were: 'I'm sorry.' 

Harris claimed it was an accident and that she never meant to hit the pair. 

Part of the evidence used against her was a video of her running them over which had been filmed by the private investigator she'd hired. 

They remained in their vehicle on the night in question and caught the murder on tape. 

Prosecutors also used testimony from David's daughter, Clara's stepdaughter, against her. 

After being sentenced, she was hit with two wrongful death lawsuits. One was filed by her stepdaughter and the other was filed by her husband's parents. 

The stepdaughter was given $2million from her father's estate, the same amount as her two twin half-brothers received. 

The boys were just four at the time of their father's death.  David Harris's parents were awarded $3.75million. 

At the time of her husband's death, Clara was reported to have $1.2million in assets of her own.  It is not clear how much of that she still has. 


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